Vassilis Stathopoulos vstath at irismedia.gr
Tue Nov 28 11:57:43 CET 2006

Hello Michael,

This is perfectly understood and a valid reason for you. I believe that,
with the current licence of RoundCube, everyone is free to either fork
or have their files hosted elsewhere for external download (ie not
distributed within) for others to use and enjoy.

There is no need for your files to be included in the distributed
version since it's specific only to the people living in a small part of
the Balkans which is currently called Former Yugoslav Republic Of
Macedonia (FYROM) worldwide and uses the constitutional name of
"Macedonia" internally. Following your idea, everyone would wish their
modifications, stylesheets / PHP files / patches, to be part of the main
RC distribution; this is just not possible, though.

If you wish for them to be included, I believe they should be in line
with the international organizations' decisions, whatever these may be
today or in the future, regardless if me or you or someone else likes
and agrees to. I do not object for these files to be included - I would
just want them to be included with the proper official naming.

Again, I do not wish to enter in a political discussion. I think this is
an open issue and there are decisions we should all respect, now and in
the future.

I must thank the dev-list members for their patience. I have nothing
else to point out on the subject.

Kind regards,

Michael Bueker wrote:
> Vassilis Stathopoulos wrote:
>> I would request everyone to respect the international organizations.
>> This kind request is pointed especially to those whom their
>> constitutional name is different to the U.N. name (although they have
>> every right to name themselves as they wish inside their own country).
> I suppose the proposed language setting will mostly be used my people
> living in Macedonia, so the name should be what those people most
> recognize and appreciate.
> ~Mik

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