Michael Bueker m.bueker at berlin.de
Tue Nov 28 12:21:15 CET 2006

First of all, let me correct you on something you said in an earlier mail:

Vassilis Stathopoulos wrote:
> Additionally, there is no Macedonian language.

Yes, there is. It is the official language of the [Former Yugoslavian] 
Republic of Macedonia:

> If you wish for them to be included, I believe they should be in line
> with the international organizations' decisions, whatever these may be
> today or in the future, regardless if me or you or someone else likes
> and agrees to. 

I don't have anything to do with the Balkans, but I believe if somebody 
offers a translation that will be useful not only to him but also to a 
significant group of people, then that translation should be included in 
the way that is most likely to that group - meaning, by the name they 
recognize and accept.

I've never heard about an agreement amoung the roundcube devs that 
language and/or nation designations should follow that of any organization.

> Again, I do not wish to enter in a political discussion.

You obviously do, since you demanded the naming of an element of the 
roundcube code be made dependant on a political definition.

But again, the naming of language is up to the people that speak it. You 
may have noticed that in the Preferences, it says "Deutsch" instead of 
"German", and "Español" instead of "Spanish". I rest my case.

> I must thank the dev-list members for their patience. I have nothing
> else to point out on the subject.

Good, then common sense may now prevail over political infighting.


Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet is a sucker's game 
because they almost always turn out to be - or to be indistinguishable 
from - self-righteous sixteen year-olds possessing infinite amounts of 
free time.
- Neal Stephenson

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