Adressbook done , almost - heres a patch

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Fri Oct 13 15:36:18 CEST 2006

Address-book development is almost done if someone wants to have a play at finishing it
Unfortunately i have to head up to China and beyond tomorrow and will be off the beaten track
for a few months till i get back to Europe sometime in the snow covered months.

I hope someone is willing to pick up where i have left off

Added support to Addressbook is :
1. vCard upload/importing to v3.0 standard
2. Contact grouping
3. Contact searching.. Yes it works and its bloody fantastic.
   You can even search for a birth-date or phone number.
4. Multiple emails and clicking on these links will take you to compose (thanks Phil)

You can demo at :

I've attached a diff here of what i have done. Below is where i was up to
Hope you can all find a use for this

Happy Xmas and a Merry Halloween
shane at

1.  Enable other forms of import/export
     -output to PDF / HTML - print
2.  Include image support thumbnailing if GD or Imagemagic present, i like this
   idea but some might not.. worth a discussion or as a plugin ??
3.  It was mentioned to add support for selecting folder that could become global
     As in all users of the app could have access to it..
     I have left support in the contactsgrouping SQL tables for this as i thought
     this was a good idea. Just needs to be set in preferences
4.  Something seems to be up with trying to move large amounts of contacts to a group
   folder. It seems to be clearing the group.
5.  The buttons for group folder display funny in IE they float over the
   groupbox listing area instead of staying below
6.  Language support so far i have only done EN_GB and EN_US.
7.  Add a warning message of "duplicate upload" on vcard loaded frame

Small bugs to fix.
1.  Hitting enter on the add group when in the input field returns the page to mail
2.  Need to sort out the page numbering.. i have been removing this and had the thought
   of making this click through the contacts in the row column that is currently listed
3.  Check to see how LDAP support is working as i don't have a LDAP account so haven't
   been able to do this
4.  Change how the folders get reloaded at the moment its just document write instead of
   off the DOM (lazy ha). I figured I'd get this fixed once i have a look at the
   other main changes i want to look (see below). This looked like it would go with
   what was happening in the functions for settings and its folders. It could become a
   generic object for all folder directories blah blah blah.
5.  Do the database thing for initial and upgrade. I have only worked off the mysql.initial
   at the mo. Note: altered "contacts" table and added "contactgroup" table (unavoidable).

Main fixes to be done (Mainly just tiding up).
1.  Many of the functions that i use have been regurgitated from the mail's set of
   functions for listing mail. These can be made reusable across the entire board
   I.E made into common functions.
     - Prime example is the simply the row functions in app.js
2.  Javascript needs revisiting and done the same to as above. I was think of how to
   make this more object orientated as in a mail object and address-book object -  
   this would make things better for a plug-in styled API as the plugins could
   extend on those objects. For now the functions just need to be made so that
   they can be used by both mail and address-book side to decrease file size and
   make scripting easier. Don't fancy working with large files like this
3.  Check for better error catchment.    

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