Replying to message deletes original message??

Krishna Oliveira de Hollanda Padilha padilha at
Fri Oct 20 18:21:51 CEST 2006

Hi Richard!

I´m having the same problem, since trunk version 358 (I think)
I´ve already posted it on this list, but I´ve got no return..
It would be fine if anyone knows how to fix it...
The problem occurs when forwarding emails too.


2006/10/20, Richard Green <richard at>:
> Hey guys (again),
> I have been losing e-mails as a result of using the 'reply-to' button, the
> original message seems to be being deleted?
> Anyone encountered this? They seem to be being permanently deleted and are
> not being moved to trash and I can't even access them using Thunderbird, so
> it doesn't appear to be a RCW message display error, they are really being
> deleted!
> Hope you can help!
> Richard

Krishna Padilha
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