Plaxo sync [was: Re: Addressbook improvements, first shot]

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Wed Oct 4 19:10:22 CEST 2006

On Wed, 04 Oct 2006 12:27:49 -0400, Randy Noval <randy at> wrote:
> all of that aside, nothing to get upset about here. it's about learning
> from other people's efforts. they've exposed their view on organizing
> data and we can learn from it.

Good points brought up from both sides, but I think something like this that ties RC into a 'for profit' entity should be something linked in via a plugin API of RC's -- much like the myriad of plugins available for Squirrelmail, this allows devs or folks with other ideas to implement them even if they aren't seen as central to the projects' goals.

In other words, go for it, and make it avail as a plugin (even though the oft talked about API is still only a mention- you could always make it a patch for now that users could run against a specific SVN version).


> i'll be happy to continue this discussion off-list.
> randy
> Paul Carrasco wrote:
>> I agree with Chris. I would not like an API for plaxo in my webmail
>> software.
>> Basically roundcube is a GPL-based-contribution software, whereas plaxo
>> (and plaxo-like services) are everything but GPL or open-source minded.
>> They have very special ways of licencing your data and your privacy
>> which can have annoying effects.
>> See
>> Or you can google 'plaxo is evil'
>> Paul
>> On 10/4/06, *Chris Hembrow* <chris.hembrow+mail-rc at
>> <mailto:chris.hembrow+mail-rc at>> wrote:
>>     Speaking personally, I would not want this. Part of the reason I
>>     moved from using a gmail account as my primary account was so that I
>>     had complete control of MY emails. I'm sure google would not do
>>     anything bad with my data, but it's MY data, and I want it where
>>     only I have access to it. Implementing an external address book
>>     system would be opening that information up for abuse. Can you
>>     really guarantee that plaxo aren't going to sell that data to
>>     spammers or have it stolen by crackers?
>>     Besides, what happens if their service goes down? You might lose
>>     access to your address book, even temporarily this could be a royal
>>     PITA.
>>     Just by tuppence worth
>>     pixel
>>     On Wed, 04 Oct 2006 10:26:22 -0400, Randy Noval < randy at
>>     <mailto:randy at>> wrote:
>>      > yay for addressbook management!
>>      >
>>      > as a thought though, rather than re-work stuff that's already
> been
>>      > created, why not use existing tools. in particular, plaxo. i've
> been
>>      > using it for a while as a sync tool between my treo, thunderbird,
> &
>>      > outlook and by-and-large, it's been great! and they have an API:
>>      > <>
>>      >
>>      > and a really nifty widget demo (access address lists from other
>>     apps):
>>      >
>>      >
>>      > but using their (already well-thought out) field set as a
> guideline
>>      > might be a good way to go.
>>      >
>>      > just a couple of thoughts. i love the enthusiasm in this
> community!
>>      >
>>      > thanks,
>>      > randy
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