Adressbook done , almost - heres a patch

Martin Schwartz martin.schwartz at
Fri Oct 13 17:53:14 CEST 2006

Just looked at the demo, bloody fantastic!

Can somebody say if it will be quickly merged into svn?

Shane, good trip and stuff and thanx!


Am Freitag, den 13.10.2006, 08:36 -0500 schrieb shane at
> Address-book development is almost done if someone wants to have a play at finishing it
> Unfortunately i have to head up to China and beyond tomorrow and will be off the beaten track
> for a few months till i get back to Europe sometime in the snow covered months.
> I hope someone is willing to pick up where i have left off
> Added support to Addressbook is :
> 1. vCard upload/importing to v3.0 standard
> 2. Contact grouping
> 3. Contact searching.. Yes it works and its bloody fantastic.
>    You can even search for a birth-date or phone number.
> 4. Multiple emails and clicking on these links will take you to compose (thanks Phil)
> You can demo at :
> I've attached a diff here of what i have done. Below is where i was up to
> Hope you can all find a use for this
> Happy Xmas and a Merry Halloween
> Shane
> shane at

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