Replying to message deletes original message??

Jim Pingle lists at
Fri Oct 20 19:34:36 CEST 2006

Krishna Oliveira de Hollanda Padilha wrote:
> Hi Richard!
> I´m having the same problem, since trunk version 358 (I think)
> I´ve already posted it on this list, but I´ve got no return..
> It would be fine if anyone knows how to fix it...
> The problem occurs when forwarding emails too.

Could this be something specific to your setup? I am not seeing this problem
when I reply to or forward messages.

I am using SVN r360 of RoundCube with Courier IMAP 4.1.1 and PHP 5.1.6 on
Apache 2.2.3.

I tried this with and without the HTML editor in Firefox, IE 6.0 SP2
(Fully patched), and IE 7.0. I tried forwarding and replying, I tried
opening the message first and performing the action from the main message
list. No matter what I try it doesn't delete my message (unless I click
delete, of course.)

It might help if, along with providing which SVN revision you are using, you
provide your IMAP server type/version, PHP version, Apache version, browser
being used, some RC settings such as HTML or plain text editor, etc. It's
better to have too much information about the setup than not enough!

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