RC & SQL Server

WOODS John John.Woods at axa-im.com
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Thank you for getting this into the Trunk. I will start testing as soon
as possible.

On the subject of UTF collation, I will need to look further into this.
SQL Server does not support UTF but uses the UCS-2 standard for Unicode
data instead.

The first change would be to change the data types of all the char,
varchar and text columns to nchar, nvarchar and ntext to allow Unicode -
that's the easy part and we could then leave the collation as it is. I
would then have to look at converting the UTF data to UCS-2 with a new

I'll let you know how when I have more details.


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Hi John,

Thanks for the code, I just added it to the Trunk. Since I don't have a
MSSQL server it's up to you to test it.

One final question: Is it possible to use UTF collation instead of
Latin1 as you suggested in the mssql.initial.sql file? If yes, what's
the exact string for MSSQL?


WOODS John wrote:
> Whilst on the subject of different databases some of you may be
> interested in a port to MS SQL Server that I have made.
> [...]

> This is a new function that is required to place the *now() *mysql
> function* *or* getdate() *mssql* *function in SQL query strings. For
> this to work all occurrences of the string "now()" in the project have
> to be replaced with a call to this function.
> Please let me know whether any of you can make use this port.
> John Woods

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