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Thu Sep 14 05:54:51 CEST 2006


I just committed my changes to integrate the TinyMCE editor into 
RoundCube for HTML editing. The Subversion revision is 345. Everything 
should be pretty seamless, but please note the following:

    * To enable use of the editor for composing HTML messages, check the
      "Use HTML Editor" box in the Settings page
    * When replying/forwarding a plain text message, the plain text
      editor is always used by default. You can toggle on the HTML
      editor using the radio buttons below the text area
    * Spellchecking doesn't work within the HTML editor - I'm
      contemplating various solutions (anyone?)
    * There's a new column in the "identities" database table to store
      whether the signature is HTML or not. I modified the "initial" and
      "update" scripts in the SQL directory, but let me know if there
      are problems...
    * When sending an HTML message, a plain text version is also
      included in the outgoing MIME message.
    * Displaying picture attachments within the editor doesn't work - I
      think a custom TinyMCE plugin would be needed to bridge between
      the two.

Enjoy! :-)

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