BG localization - SVN r357

NetOne - Doichin Dokov root at
Wed Sep 27 17:17:51 CEST 2006

Hi guys,

I've published an svn-r357 BG localization at

Also, the wiki translation page doesn't say about some new strings:

$messages['converting'] = 'Removing formatting from message...';

$labels['htmltoggle'] = 'HTML';
$labels['plaintoggle'] = 'Plain text';

$labels['htmleditor'] = 'Compose HTML messages';
$labels['htmlsignature'] = 'HTML signature';

$labels['autosavedraft']  = 'Automatically save draft';
$labels['everynminutes']  = 'every $n minutes';
$labels['never']  = 'never';

$labels['renamefolder'] = 'Rename folder';


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