understanding roadmap

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at gmail.com
Sun Sep 3 14:09:53 CEST 2006

It's far more interesting to implement new features than killing
annoying bugs...

Of course we also kill bugs but if there aren't any new features people
start complaining about that and ask if the project is dead. We try to
choose the way in the middle and add some new features and fix bugs.

Another reason is, that people who contribute some code, mostly send in
new features rather than bug fixes. And third, many bugs are hard to
reproduce because they depend on a specific PHP or IMAP configuration.
Solving these bugs takes a lot of time and a lot of conversation between
the reporter and the developer.

Other open source project do the same: try to fix important bugs and
also implement new features to keep it interesting.


Frank Habermann wrote:
> Hello,
> i use roundcube and i have some questions to the roadmap.
> If i see the releases from roundcube i see that every release have new 
> functions and will bring new bugs and all old bugs are not fixed. why dont 
> you fix all open bugs first and include after that new features? Roundcube is 
> good to use but it should always be stable!
> My two cent on this sunday.
> regards,
> Frank

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