RC & SQL Server

Randy Noval randy at sermo.net
Mon Sep 4 16:22:28 CEST 2006

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> From: Brennan Stehling [mailto:brennan at offwhite.net] 
> Sent: 04 September 2006 09:41
> I have run the MS SQL script on a local copy of SQL Server 2005 SE.  It
> went just fine.
> I do not have RC installed on this machine, so is there any other
> testing I can do?
> How painful is it to install PHP onto Windows Server 2003?
> Brennan

I use XAMPP and it was no problem to setup on Server 2K3. It'll take 
some minor .conf fixing to set it to SQL Server rather than MySQL, but 
it shouldn't be a problem.


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