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Thomas Bruederli roundcube at
Thu Sep 14 15:49:08 CEST 2006

Eric Stadtherr wrote:
> All,
> I just committed my changes to integrate the TinyMCE editor into
> RoundCube for HTML editing. The Subversion revision is 345. Everything
> should be pretty seamless, but please note the following:

Well, that looks very nice so far.
>     * To enable use of the editor for composing HTML messages, check the
>       "Use HTML Editor" box in the Settings page

I would suggest to change the label to "Compose HTML messages", similar
as Thunderbird calls this option.

>     * When replying/forwarding a plain text message, the plain text
>       editor is always used by default. You can toggle on the HTML
>       editor using the radio buttons below the text area

There's another feature request to forward messages as attachment
(message/rfc822). I guess we can solve this when adding that feature.

>     * Spellchecking doesn't work within the HTML editor - I'm
>       contemplating various solutions (anyone?)

TinyMCE uses a similar interface (google spell) for spell checking. They
also have a pspell integration. Probably we could merge all together.

>     * There's a new column in the "identities" database table to store
>       whether the signature is HTML or not. I modified the "initial" and
>       "update" scripts in the SQL directory, but let me know if there
>       are problems...

I have to find out, how the sqlite update script should look like. The
mysql.update.sql included wrong quotes but I already committed a fix.

>     * When sending an HTML message, a plain text version is also
>       included in the outgoing MIME message.


>     * Displaying picture attachments within the editor doesn't work - I
>       think a custom TinyMCE plugin would be needed to bridge between
>       the two.

I guess that requires us to make a file browser for attachments...

There are some other things that could possibly cause problems or could
IMO be improved.

* in rcmail_compose_body() the same lines are repeated three times. The
code could be re-arranged in order to make it shorter and more readable.

* in rcmail_create_forward_body() you should run
rep_specialchars_output() on every header field in order to quote HTML

* when you write HTML code for the editor, please use XHTML notation.

* Please use the radiobutton class to create the radio fields for input
mode. Also, <label>s would be nice to click on.

* There's a new function log_debug() in Please remove it and
use write_log() in instead. I guess those two function are
meant to do the same.

* As far as I can see (haven't tested it yet) every emoticon is added to
the mime message in rcmail_attach_emoticons(). If I add 5 :-) to my
message, my mail gets 5 images attached. You should compare the file
names and only add icons that are not already included.

Thanks for the work!

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