[RCD] Defautl charset per language

NetOne - Doichin Dokov root at net1.cc
Tue Dec 4 23:44:38 CET 2007

Hi, guys

I'm interested in what you all think about adding a default charset to 
each language file, IN the language file, so contributors update it 
without problems, maybe as a label like like:
$labels['default-charset'] = "windows-1251";
and then use it in roundcube to process message body and headers on 
messages not specifying content type.

The problem i'm trying to fix is that LOTS of crappy sites here in 
Bulgaria send messages in Bulgarian, but without specifying content-type 
encoding, or specify the content-type encoding, but do not encode the 
headers properly.
I propose this process for selecting the encoding of the headers and 
1. if the message states content-type encoding, and the headers are 
properly encoded - do nothing.
2. if the headers are not encoded with an encoding (i.e. they do not 
start with =?windows-1251? or whatever), and if an encoding was statet 
in the content-type header - use that to transform the headers.
3. if headers are not encoded, and the content-type states no encoding, 
use the one specified as default for the language currently used.

I need such a functionality for my setup (though i do not state the 
above steps are the most correct one in this case), and will develop it 
anyways. I'm just willing to get some feedback if you think this is the 
right way to do it, and will send a patch to the trac when it's ready.


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