[RCD] Defautl charset per language

NetOne - Doichin Dokov root at net1.cc
Tue Dec 4 23:49:43 CET 2007

NetOne - Doichin Dokov ??????:
> Hi, guys
> I'm interested in what you all think about adding a default charset to 
> each language file, IN the language file, so contributors update it 
> without problems, maybe as a label like like:
> $labels['default-charset'] = "windows-1251";
> and then use it in roundcube to process message body and headers on 
> messages not specifying content type.
> The problem i'm trying to fix is that LOTS of crappy sites here in 
> Bulgaria send messages in Bulgarian, but without specifying content-type 
> encoding, or specify the content-type encoding, but do not encode the 
> headers properly.
> I propose this process for selecting the encoding of the headers and 
> message:
> 1. if the message states content-type encoding, and the headers are 
> properly encoded - do nothing.
> 2. if the headers are not encoded with an encoding (i.e. they do not 
> start with =?windows-1251? or whatever), and if an encoding was statet 
> in the content-type header - use that to transform the headers.
> 3. if headers are not encoded, and the content-type states no encoding, 
> use the one specified as default for the language currently used.
> I need such a functionality for my setup (though i do not state the 
> above steps are the most correct one in this case), and will develop it 
> anyways. I'm just willing to get some feedback if you think this is the 
> right way to do it, and will send a patch to the trac when it's ready.
> Regards,
> Doichin
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I've talked about this in the trac a while ago -> 

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