[RCD] Adding a "Received" header to outbound messages

Dalibor Andzakovic Dalibor.Andzakovic at swerve.co.nz
Thu Dec 13 05:40:48 CET 2007

The way I see this is as follows.

You could argue that roundcube is a server in itself and that true
client is the browser on the users PC. From that perspective adding a
Sent header makes sense :-) Since this doesn't actually break any RFCs
AFAICS and it makes it easier to implement spam filtering at SMTP level
I'm not sure I see much problem 

My NZ$0.02


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| On Wed, 12 Dec 2007 18:45:27 -0800, chris#  wrote:
| > That said, I'm not sure I understand what the possible gain would be
| from
| > adding your proposed patch. Of course, it could be that I am simply
| > mis-understanding your whole point. :P
| My point is ... we have
| customers who are using RoundCube to SEND spam. And at the moment we
| can't find them, hiding among the 150000 other well- behaved
| customers.
| Put simply, we need more information recorded in OUTGOING messages.
| (The "X-Sender" is merely their supposed sender identity; but since
| they're usually forged it's impossible to prove who is the guilty
| party, at least to the standard of proof needed to suspend a
| customer's account.)
| Having said that, providing helper buttons for "report this message as
| spam"
| would be a nice addition; I'll give it some thought.
| -Martin
| PS: have a look at the headers of this message for an example of what
| mean.
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