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Michele Menciassi - ISIKOM m.menciassi at isikom.it
Thu Dec 20 17:08:37 CET 2007

i'm from Italy, so sorry for my not good english.
I'm a web programmer, i'm skilled in PHP, MySQL,JavaScript, XHTML and CSS.
I'm also installed roundcube webmail in my mail server.
I think you made a good work.
I never be a part of a open source project.
I've the skill (i hope) no very much free time, but i'd like try to give
an hand to your work.
my first step was subscriving that mailing list... later i'll read the
documentation about structure and so..
see you
Michele Menciassi

Michele Menciassi

m.menciassi at isikom.it
+39 0721 24678 ufficio/fax
+39 346 4029486 mobile
+39 02 320625626 casella vocale

ISIKOM di Michele Menciassi
Via Gagarin 191
61100 Pesaro (PU)

E maggior fortuna sarebbe, se in Italia ci fossero più toscani e meno italiani

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