[RCD] Hello, I am new - filters

Martin Kealey martin.k at staff.ihug.co.nz
Sun Dec 23 23:40:16 CET 2007

> As sieve has to get executed
> in the servers, it the issuse of the mailserver admins to set up sieve
> directories and enable sieve options for thier Cyrus or what ever.

A word of pleading here: please design an interface that will work even
(a) The inbound SMTP handling is not on the same host as RoundCube (or
for that matter, IMAP); and
(b) RoundCube, SMTP, IMAP and MySQL all run on multiple hosts.

In our configuration the RoundCube "server", the MySQL "server" and the
Inbound SMTP & IMAP "server" are all separate load-balanced clusters of
servers. (This is done both for scalability and security reasons;
running on a single host, or multiple services per host, are just not
options for us.)


Martin Kealey, Ihug Engineering
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