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Balachandran Sivakumar benignbala at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 08:02:00 CET 2007

On Dec 14, 2007 5:45 PM,  <emi at algorismia.com> wrote:
> Hi again!!
> I've made the patch to apply to today's RC version to get filters
> management runing. For that, I've made ticket #1484694. If you want to
> check it, you know where it is: http://trac.roundcube.net/ticket/1484694
> > And as for
> > sieve, i think we can add up another tab in the filters part itself and
> > provide it as sieve interface. As sieve has to get executed in the
> > servers, it the issuse of the mailserver admins to set up sieve
> > directories and enable sieve options for thier Cyrus or what ever.
> That's the same situation for the rest of filtering systems. They need to
> be administrated by mailserver admins. All we can do is just translate the
> info contained into filters sql table to the specific mailfilter system.
> Then, all the work is for mailserver admin.
> So, if you know Sieve syntax, now it's you who should put this
> knowledgement into roundcubemail/bin/sql2filter.php. It's easy to read and
> understand.

         I will concentrate om timsieved. It handles remotely held
sieve scripts well. Once i am comfortable with timsieved, i will get
back to the list and discuss my idea here and start the sieve part.
But please do suggest if there are other options in place of
timsieved. If so, i will try that as well and post a comparison in the
list and then, we all can decide which to use.

> Now I'm geting info on AJAX to make a really great UI. I think it would be
> great to use drag'n'drop functionallity, but not with lists. May be
> something similar to artsbuilder UI, it should be as:
>  * Every object should have:
>     - an up (copy,move,delete,...) or left (if,else,...) connector
>     - zero (move,delete,reply,...), one (copy) or more (?) down connectors
>     - zero (delete), one (copy,move,reply,...) or more (?) right connectors
>  1.- Begin with an object INCOMING MAIL with only one down connector
>  2.- Connect objects begining with a condition (or set of conditions) and
> ending with the action, as move, copy, delete, reply, forward... Copy
> will have 2 down connectors, delete none and move just one.
>  3.- With 'copy' connectors you can have a multibranch filter.

                     Thank you
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