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Mon Dec 24 13:30:12 CET 2007

Hi Martin!!
   The interface will work only against SQL server with the same
configuration as RC. Then, mail maintainer will have to execute some
translator script to take the SQL info into his mail specific filter
(sieve, procmail, ...). I mean:
 1.- User creates his filters just as him makes identities or contacts.
 2.- Mail admin executes sql2filter from RC distribution on RC server. It
will use RC DB configuration so, if SQL server is in another machine, it
doesn't matter
 3.- Mail admin takes filter files and places them on the
machine/directory he needs (on IMAP server).

Well, I think that I've repeated this mech several times, so I suppose I
won't need to do it again :^)


El Dom, 23 de Diciembre de 2007, 23:40, Martin Kealey escribió:
>> As sieve has to get executed
>> in the servers, it the issuse of the mailserver admins to set up sieve
>> directories and enable sieve options for thier Cyrus or what ever.
> A word of pleading here: please design an interface that will work even
> when (a) The inbound SMTP handling is not on the same host as RoundCube (or
>  for that matter, IMAP); and (b) RoundCube, SMTP, IMAP and MySQL all run
> on multiple hosts.
> In our configuration the RoundCube "server", the MySQL "server" and the
> Inbound SMTP & IMAP "server" are all separate load-balanced clusters of
> servers. (This is done both for scalability and security reasons; running
> on a single host, or multiple services per host, are just not options for
> us.)
> -Martin
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