Juan González juan at
Mon Feb 5 18:33:29 CET 2007

Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Roundcube is just... just... beautiful.. I'm rather annoyed that I *just* discovered it instead of being stuck with SquirrelMail for the last year or so...

I checked out the plug-in API wiki. Unfortunately, it doesn't give me any information on the current state of the API. It just gives me the wishes and wants.. Which is good...

Anyways, like I said earlier, I would like to contribute to the plugin API, if I can (don't want to dig my own grave here) so I would like to be invited to the google doc. I will need to lurk at first because I am still just getting used to the coding style of this project.

Also, I am using the roundcubemail-nightly-20070108.tar.gz snapshot until I get used the the style. Is there any reason I should be using the current SVN during my 'training'? I would assume the code base is the same but I just want to make sure...

Also, just a little more background on my environment. I am a Gentoo user who manages several Postfix servers on the west coast (all in Seattle). So, with that, all of my mail servers are built with:

1. Postfix
2. Courier-IMAP (+authlib)
3. Maildrop
5. SpamAssassin
6. ClamAV
* PostgreSQL is the backend for all, except ClamAV.

So, any plugin that I happen to write, will be written to assist with one of the above services (the ability to create filters for Maildrop will probably be my priority.

Who are the other PostgreSQL admins here?

Sorry for my scattered message without quoting anyone.


On Mon, 5 Feb 2007 09:17:54 -0600, Brian Jackson <iggy at> wrote:
> I made a page on the wiki to keep track of plugin api stuff. Feel
> free to add any useful information to that page.
> --Brian Jackson
> On Feb 4, 2007, at 3:56 PM, Juan González wrote:
>> Just discovered Roundcube. I am interested in contributing some of
>> my time to Roundcube, if needed or even wanted.
>> I am a php developer so I am looking to get my hands dirty helping
>> out when I can, if I can. My experience comes from my own project
>> of 2 years,, a front end for Postfix servers
>> (amongst others). I don't have much experience with AJAX but PHP is
>> my thing and I do know a little bit of javascript.
>> My first order is... What is the progress of the plug-in system? A
>> client of this nature seems pretty useless without a plug-in API. I
>> am interested, I've looked at the code and it appears quite
>> understandable. I think this is where I would like to contribute...
>> the plugin API base code.
>> I am motivated by the desire to (all possible wiht a plug-in API):
>> 1. Integrate Maildrop filtering capabilities
>> 2. Provide a front end for user SpamAssassin preferences
>> 3. Have some sort of auto-login system
>> 4. Have folder with sub-folder be colapsable (not sure if this
>> already exists since I just installed last night)
>> 5. probably lots more....
>> My name is Juan.
> !DSPAM:1,45c7508c253678015699244!

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