patches for private LDAP directory

Andreas Oster aoster at
Wed Feb 7 16:14:47 CET 2007

Dear Ellis,

there is actually some code for authentication in the file,
but unfortunately  i could not find any information how to use it :(

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Steve Ellis schrieb:
> This is very useful for me since we like to have our address book open
> but not accessable to just anyone, I was looking for this and didn't
> realize it wasn't part of the original code. I really should be added
> in to the trunk IMO.
> Thanks!
> On Wed, 2007-02-07 at 13:50 +0100, Andreas Oster wrote:
>> Hello List,
>> i have changed some parts of the current LDAP code in the
>> nightly snapshot 20070108 to meet our needs. We have a
>> company addressbook stored in LDAP for which we wanted
>> to have access from RoundCube. The directory needs
>> user credentials for access, so i added a bind_dn and bind_pass
>> parameter to the code.  I have also extended the search criterias
>> with a "company" field.
>> I hope this is usefull for someone else :)
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