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Sam Bailey cyprix at
Mon Jan 29 22:25:07 CET 2007


The plugin architecture is on the roadmap for 0.3, and the basic 
requirements for it are currently being pondered by myself and Brennan.

See the discussion at

Sam Bailey

Steve Ellis wrote:
> Has there been any work done on a plugin API? It would be a great 
> feature to be able to write a plugin and almost literally drop it in 
> with out having to edit major files which will be overwritten in the 
> next release. on the forums there was mention of a word-press like 
> plugin system (I vote for the widgets =) which would be an excellent 
> way of managing them.
> This would open the doors for a plugin community to fill those 'not so 
> popular' needs that would be considered bloat in the main trunk, so 
> users can select which bloat they want. 

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