stable svn branch?

Brett Patterson brett at
Sat Jan 13 05:56:59 CET 2007

Jason wrote:
> I was checking out and it looks like there isn't a
> branch that I can checkout/update that'll always give me the latest
> stable release.  Am I missing something, or could a /branches/stable
> be created that was always the latest stable released version?
> Thanks,
> Jason
By it's name, SVN can't ever really be considered "stable" until a 
branch for release is created.  The latest branch that I know of was 
Thomas' branch for the Addressbook.  That should technically be stable, 
except for the addressbook; however, it's still not a production caliber 

If you ever check out an SVN, you have to understand that it may contain 
bugs and not work properly.  You're checking out untested code.  Usually 
with RC most of the commits are "kosher" and don't impact the stability 
of it.  But if one does, a patch for it is quickly released.

If you always want the latest stable release, just watch the RC 
homepage.  That box on the right is the latest general stable build.  
Right now I think it's still 0.1-beta2.  If you follow the Trac at all, 
0.1-RC1 is the next milestone (or so I think) which seems to have ticket 
numbers dwindling....


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