Trac Spam

Brett Patterson brett at
Mon Jul 2 17:17:45 CEST 2007

There's also TracSpamFilter which is a .egg extension to Trac and 
implements 4 spam filters (RegEx, IP blacklisting, IP throttling, 
aksimet, and Bayes (in development)).  They're easy to setup.  Just 
thought I'd throw that out there too.


Brett Patterson wrote:
> Hi All!!!
> I'm not sure who maintains the trac site, or who maintains the server 
> that roundcube is on; however, if you can use Mod_Security from 
> I'd suggest it.  As of today, there's a project 
> called "ScallyWack" which is a set of rules for mod_security that is 
> for Trac Spam ;)  Something worth looking into.
> There seems to be a small pitfall.  I'm trying to get SVN working on 
> my server with mod_security installed, but hitting a few bumps with it 
> catching the PROP* and other REQUEST_METHODs.  Not sure if it's my 
> mod_security config, or I'm just not noticing something.
> Anyway.... it's just a suggestion so we can get our Trac back!!
> ~Brett

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