100% CPU

Doug Mandell dmandell at gristle.org
Wed Jul 4 03:23:25 CEST 2007

For what it's worth my server is pretty much just used by me, so I can
tell when Roundcube is acting up.  I've been using various versions of
SVN and the problem has remained the same for me throughout.  For me the
spike to 100% utilization  happens when I log in and when I try to view
the "Folders" tab in "Personal Settings".

While I don't have a lot of emails in my mailbox (less than 200) and
don't have a lot of folders that I'm subscribed to (14), all of my
IMAP folders are in my home folder (it's an old config decision, don't
ask) so there are a lot of folders/files that I'm not subscribed to
that are sitting in the same directory.  Perhaps what's happening is
it's crawling through the directory looking for folders I'm subscribed
to and getting hung up by the number of files in the directory?

On 7/3/2007, "till" <klimpong at gmail.com> wrote:

>On 7/3/07, Diana Ventimiglia <diana_ventimiglia at volusion.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> This server is dedicated to Roundcube only.
>Could you figure out if users search a lot, or if you have large
>mailboxes and so on. Or anything helpful in particular?
>Also - I asked this on IRC -, which version of Roundcube are you
>running? SVN? 0.1rc1 ? Something older?

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