RoundCube forces me to kill FireFox

Jim Pingle lists at
Sat Jul 7 17:17:01 CEST 2007

David Abrahams wrote:
>> I wonder if it's held up waiting on something, or if it is actually
>> transferring data at that point. Either way you should be able to capture
>> the last (few?) request(s) up to the point where it fails. That may go a
>> long way toward figuring out where the problem lies...
> There's hardly any traffic during that period.  Unfortunately it's a
> bit hard to see what's going on over an https:// connection by looking
> at tcpflow. :(

I wonder if SSL might be part of the equation? Have you had a chance to try
this on a plain http connection? I tried mine with SSL turned on and had no
problems, but it's still something to try...

>> I also wonder if this is related to the others who are seeing high CPU
>> usage. You might check the recent thread about "100% CPU" to see if you
>> might also have similar symptoms.
> Their symptoms (100% cpu, browser lockup) look like mine, but their
> circumstances seem to be mostly different.  It only happens to me
> when viewing really large folders.  I'm using Cyrus and not Dovecot.
> The IMAP server is on the same machine as the webserver.

Ah, ok. How large? I tried with folders of between 1500 and 3000 messages,
and the highest I could get apache to go with SSL was 72% for a second or
two, and the folders still loaded, albeit a little slow.


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