RoundCube forces me to kill FireFox

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Mon Jul 9 03:22:45 CEST 2007

on Sun Jul 08 2007, till <> wrote:

>> There's hardly any traffic during that period.  Unfortunately it's a
>> bit hard to see what's going on over an https:// connection by looking
>> at tcpflow. :(
> Of course you would need to turn off SSL. :-) So maybe set up a second
> RC version (from SVN) and see if it behaves the same.
> I've seen some issues too when you have plenty of folders, large
> mailboxes - but I never ever had to restart Firefox. Sometimes there
> is a little "hang" when the folders are scanned for unread but aside
> from that, nothing major.

OK, I get a "little hang" of over a minute.  I consider that major.
And then what roundcube shows me looks as though there are no messages
in the floder.

The tcpflow results are enclosed.  If you do ls --full-time on the
resulting directory you can see the exact times when the packets were

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If roundcube is asking the server to sort the mailbox before RC will
display anything, maybe that's the problem.  You might consider sorting
messages by message-ID initially.  message-IDs tend to increase
monotonically with time of receipt.

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