[RoundCube Subject?] or not to Subject, that is the question.

Jason Fesler jfesler at gigo.com
Tue Jul 24 20:48:24 CEST 2007

Bob's list software allowed users to have  [RoundCube ..] prepended to the 
subject.  So does mine, but Bob's is better in so far that this is a 
per-user setting.  The software I am using, is .. global to all members on 
a given list.

Given that:

Please reply to me privately with which list(s) you're on and your opinion 
on whether to prepend the subject with [RoundCube ..] or not.  Initial 
setting is off per common consensus of the moderators - but really, this 
is your list.

I'll evaluate the replies I get, and, if appropriate, make the neccesary 

Before you reply: Consider what your mail client can do for you.
If you look at the headers in this message, you'll see something
similiar to 'List-Id: RoundCube Users <users.lists.roundcube.net>'
which could be one way to organize your mail.

  new list operator for RC lists

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