[RCD] Folder list problem

till klimpong at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 18:10:14 CEST 2007


On 7/30/07, Hegedüs Ervin <airween at damson.hu> wrote:
> Hello dev list,
> here is a roundcube-0.1-beta2, in front of Courier-imap server.
> Effect: when user sends a mail, what contains a subject like:
> 04.10.
> or
> 2007.06.07.
> (these are concrete examples), so the any kind of date-like-pattern
> accommodate the string, user can't list the folder.
> If user point the browser to an email in Inbox, and then goes to
> Sent items, then folder opens.
> Could somebody help me, what may be the problem.
> (If I remove the mail, what contains the subject above, Sent items
> folder opens, when user click to its link).

That sounds really weird. So when I click on a folder (on the left) it
will not open with this? I run Courier-IMAP myself and I never had
this issue with roundcube.

Can you copy the complete message source (including all headers) of
the email to a pastebin (http://pastebin.ca) and reply with this URL
so I can double check this myself?

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