[RCD] Folder list problem

Hegedüs Ervin airween at damson.hu
Mon Jul 30 21:06:09 CEST 2007


thanks for the reply,

> Erwin,
(my name is Ervin :))
> That sounds really weird.
not so weird, but interest...

> So when I click on a folder (on the left) it
> will not open with this?
yes. On the left site of RC screen there are the folders: Inbox, Trash,
Sent items, and so on. Basically, RC shows the content of Inbox. When at
this point I click on the Sent items link, there doesn't happen anything.

Then I select an email in Inbox, RC shows that, and when I try again to
see the content of Sent items folder, then RC shows it.

> I run Courier-IMAP myself and I never had
> this issue with roundcube.
> Can you copy the complete message source (including all headers) of
> the email to a pastebin (http://pastebin.ca) and reply with this URL
> so I can double check this myself?
yes, there are:


If I remove these emails from physically (in file system), everything
works correctly.

If I modify the "Subject" line in the files above, and there doesn't match
any date-alike-format in the "Subject" string, RC also shows correctly the
content of Sent items.

eg.: "2007.06.09." -> "2007.06.09-i esemeny" (this is hungarian)

This problem comes first about one month ago - then I didn't deal it whit
that. A few days ago it comes again, and many users reports this problem
to me.

Thank you:


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