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Brett Patterson brett at
Thu Jun 7 04:53:11 CEST 2007


I understand that line of thinking, but I wasn't saying that the 
command-line database is how it would be administered.  I would suggest 
obviously a GUI interface with Roundcube (much like most forum software 
has).  You can choose your method of editing, GUI or CLI.

I was thinking that if we're going to be using a registry, why not 
switch the config file from being this PHP file, to a standard .ini 
file.  Name it rcConfig.ini and then use PHPs ini parsing function 
( to get an array of options.  That way, 
there's no need to know what an array is, or how to specify it.


chasd wrote:
> On Jun 6, 2007, at 2:07 PM, Brett Patterson wrote:
>> Hopefully this will aid in moving away from a config file, and more 
>> to holding config info in a database which would be easier for admins 
>> to modify.
> I don't think that opinion reflects what all admins want. I have seen 
> large flame wars on the Fedora devel list over integrating the Linux 
> registry project [1], which does what you are contemplating.
> I guess I am showing my age, but "vi 
> /var/www/roundcube/config/" is much quicker than
> psql roundcube
> >\dt
> <list of tables>
> \d configtable
> update configtable set foo = 'bar' where id = 'baz';
> That is, the config file is rather self-documenting, a database table 
> will require some poking to figure out what needs to be changed where.
> Storing the config data in a database table is not a deal breaker for 
> me, but I personally don't consider it a positive step.
> [1]
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