Request For This Mailing List In Particular (And, Not The RoundCube Application Itself)

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Sat Jun 9 00:02:03 CEST 2007

No, I wasn't aware of the available per user options. Thanks for the  
info. This is what i was in need of.

On Jun 8, 2007, at 5:52 PM, Brett Patterson wrote:

> In case you didn't know, it's on a user-by-user basis.  I suggest  
> you read this:
>      Options
> Send a message with 'options' in both subject and body to: dev 
> +options at <mailto:users 
> +options at> and follow the link in the reply  
> message. Available subscription options are:
> Set Reply-To
>    This will add a Reply-To: header field to the messages you receive
>    from the list, directing replies back to the list instead of the
>    message originator. Messages with a Reply-To: header field already
>    present will not have it replaced. Tag Subject
>    Add a [RoundCube Dev] tag to all Subject: header fields. Some  
> people
>    find this useful to (automatically of visually) sort mailing list
>    messages. Suspend Mailing
>    Stop sending list messages to this address. Use this if you want to
>    temporarily halt your subscription (such as when going on holiday)
>    or if you want to be able to post from several addresses without
>    having list messages sent to all of them.
> Hope that helps.
> ~Brett
> All Knight Access wrote:
>> I get tons of e-mails daily, across multiple addresses I  
>> frequently monitor throughout any given day. I currently have my e- 
>> mail client program set-up to only have a "list" view of the  
>> subject line of all incoming mail, grouping all e-mail addresses  
>> (i.e., utilizing Apple's Mail software). And, I'm assuming that  
>> many of the subscribers on this mailing list also do the same  
>> thing. Since I am often bombarded with unwanted spam, the majority  
>> of the time, I only quickly read the "subject line" of an e-mail,  
>> and delete questionable incoming mail, without wasting time to  
>> actual read every single e-mail to determine if it is desired  
>> content to read, or not.
>> So, as a request for this e-mail list, can the list admin re- 
>> configure the list settings, so that all messages sent  
>> automatically prepend in the subject line the tag: [RoundCube  
>> Dev]. That way, incoming mail can be easily identified as not  
>> spam, and should be read accordingly. If the list settings do not  
>> feature an auto-prepend for the subject line, then this request is  
>> widely directed to all subscribers of this list, asking that when  
>> composing new e-mails, please be more conscious about the content  
>> of the subject line, and to write text that at least can give some  
>> indication that the e-mail pertains to RoundCube.
>> Example:
>> A bad subject line would just have:
>> Subject: RC1
>> Whereas, a better subject line would have:
>> Subject: RoundCube RC1
>> Oftentimes, messages are being sent through this list, where the  
>> subject line does not clearly give indication that it is referring  
>> to RoundCube. And, i wouldn't want to accidently delete a  
>> potentially vital incoming e-mail from this list, thinking it was  
>> spam.
>> Thanks.
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