rc translated to Hindi

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at gmail.com
Tue May 1 20:03:54 CEST 2007

Your files work fine on my installation but my Browser does now know, how
to display the Hindi chars. I hope this is just a local issue of my system.

Please checkout the latest SVN trunk to test the Hindi translation.


Aniruddha Shankar wrote:
> Hi all,
>     Was evaluation roundcube for our needs and decided to translate it
> to Hindi.
> A tarball containing hi.tgz (and digital signature) is available at
> http://191a.net/roundcube/
> I tried to install the hi translations by copying the hi folder
> containing labels.inc and messages.inc to program/localization. It
> didn't show up in the dropdown list. Then, I went to
> program/localization/index.inc and put in an entry for Hindi thus:  'hi'
>  => 'Hindi', . Once hi is selected in the Personal Settings page, going
> to the roundcube page gets me a blank page. The source of that page
> shows me:
> <br />
> <b>Parse error</b>:  syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in
> <b>/home/xxxx/patr/program/localization/hi/labels.inc</b> on line
> <b>24</b><br />
> There's probably a syntax error in labels.inc, even though I, for the
> life of me, can't figure out what it is. Indeed, when I replaced the
> line with the line from the en_US file, I got the same error, but for
> the next line. When i replaced the entire file, I got an error for
> messages.inc.
> How do I proceed from here?
> Aniruddha Shankar

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