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Julien Wadin julien at
Thu May 31 17:45:36 CEST 2007

Webmaster a écrit :
> Hello guys,
> first of all, congrats for RoundCube. Very nice Webmail.
> Now my question: that may seem stupid at first but that's a real 
> question ;-)
> Something's missing according to me: users can't change their email 
> accounts' passwords. For my email server configuration, and because 
> that's my server, I just need to run one SQL query to change the 
> password (I'm talking about the IMAP or POP account, not the RoundCube 
> profile account). That'd be nice to have a section in the 
> configuration file that tells to RoundCube how to update the password 
> if applicable (SQL query / executable). Something like:
> $rcmail_config['update_password'] = "UPDATE database.table SET 
> password = sha1('__password__') WHERE email = '__email__'";
> If this section is set, well, RoundCube would display a "change 
> password" field in the "my profile" page.
> But that'd be worth it if and only if other users agree with that 
> idea. What do you think?

Hi man,
I've developped a patch to do this :
It's written in French, but all the filesnames are mentionned with 
changes you've to make in each of them

You'll have to customize program/steps/settings/ with the 
right SQL Query

Hope this helps

Wadin Julien
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