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Farkas Levente lfarkas at
Thu May 31 19:38:50 CEST 2007

Julien Wadin wrote:
> Webmaster a écrit :
>> Hello guys,
>> first of all, congrats for RoundCube. Very nice Webmail.
>> Now my question: that may seem stupid at first but that's a real
>> question ;-)
>> Something's missing according to me: users can't change their email
>> accounts' passwords. For my email server configuration, and because
>> that's my server, I just need to run one SQL query to change the
>> password (I'm talking about the IMAP or POP account, not the RoundCube
>> profile account). That'd be nice to have a section in the
>> configuration file that tells to RoundCube how to update the password
>> if applicable (SQL query / executable). Something like:
>> $rcmail_config['update_password'] = "UPDATE database.table SET
>> password = sha1('__password__') WHERE email = '__email__'";
>> If this section is set, well, RoundCube would display a "change
>> password" field in the "my profile" page.
>> But that'd be worth it if and only if other users agree with that
>> idea. What do you think?
> Hi man,
> I've developped a patch to do this :
> It's written in French, but all the filesnames are mentionned with
> changes you've to make in each of them
> You'll have to customize program/steps/settings/ with the
> right SQL Query
> Hope this helps

it'd be very useful to include one patch file for this, add the english
translation, cobfigure through roundcube main config file and if not
include in the upstream than at least include the patchfile into some
kind of contrib folder.

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