[RCD] recipient and subject missing when replying

Thomas Br?uederli roundcube at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 10:54:13 CET 2007

Glen Ogilvie wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Glen,
> I've got a tricky roundcube problem.   It seems related specifically to our 
> communigate pro imap server.   When clicking on reply, none of the header 
> information that should be in a reply gets populated (subject, original email 
> date, recipient).

This was already reported once but none of the devs was able to reporduce
it. I hope we can get it fixed with your help now...

> I've noticed that this always happens when the preview pane is turned on, and 
> only sometimes happens when the preview pane is off.

Not sure if this has something to do with the preview pane.
> I've been using roundcube elsewhere for quite some time with a courier imap 
> server, and don't have the same problems.

We found out that it's related to a specific IMAP server and not a general
> I've looked at compose.inc, rcube_imap.inc and imap.inc, however, I am 
> struggling to find out the cause of this problem.

compose.inc fetches the headers using $IMAP->get_headers($uid) which should
work since this is used everywhere.

When looking at the code I found out that compose.inc also calls
$IMAP->get_structure($uid) which then again calls $IMAP->get_headers() but
with the message ID and not the UID. This explains why you see two FETCH
requests, one with UID FETCH 6095 and another with FETCH 927.

However your IMAP server seems to accept the UID FETCH command and return
the requested headers.
> Any ideas of what to look for would be appricated.  I am a php developer, so 
> happy to hunt around in the code, just struggling to get my head around what 
> is supposed to happen.  Running rev 912 from svn.  
> If I set $rcmail_config['enable_caching'] = FALSE;  
> Then this problem occurs all of the time.

Hmm, this is strange...
> I've done a tcpdump of the traffic between roundcube and the imap server. 
> Something that I don't quite understand is why the appears to be 2 imap 
> queries. 
> [...]
I've just committed (r913) some improvements to optimize the internal
caching and to prevent unnecessary requests to the IMAP server. Not sure if
this solves your problem but you should update your SVN checkout.

To track it down you can dump some vars in rcube_imap::get_headers() and
rcube_imap::get_structure() in order to find out where those headers get
lost when replying to a message.

Thanks so far!

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