[RCD] Roundcube Licensing question.

Michael Baierl mail at mbaierl.com
Mon Nov 12 08:51:13 CET 2007

I J wrote:
> Hi, I was told by Brett to send you guys an email about the licensing 
> question I had. Is their any possible way to purchase a copy of the 
> roundcube script from you that isn't released under the GPL license? I'm 
> willing to pay any reasonable price; the reason for the copy of the 
> roundcube script not released under the GPL is to allow my company 
> (Dynno.com <http://dynno.com/> coming soon) to be able to place our 
> copyright on the script. Please be assured that your script won't be 
> used for resale however, it will be used to provide email addresses to 
> our members.
> Send me a reply if or if not this is possible,
> Best Regards.
If I remember the GPL correctly you can do that - just use Roundcube (or 
any other GPLed software) and make changes to it. If you sell the 
software you have to also release the changes. Freedom to use it.

Nevertheless the copyright will never belong to you or your company, it 
always belongs to the person who has written the code, in case of 
Roundcoube a group of developers.


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