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Maximilien Cuony [The Glu] maximilien at theglu.org
Tue Nov 13 18:38:22 CET 2007

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And there are my patch too.

Who I have to make compatible with the devel version, but I Have no
time :(. Maybe you can adapt it ?

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On Nov 13, 2007 6:33 PM, Michael Baierl <mail at mbaierl.com> wrote:
> emi at algorismia.com wrote:
> >    I've seen some discussion on why not to do it, if doing internally or
> > with sieve or with .forward or so. Look, I've done this, then we can
> > update to permit select the filtering system from configuration. From
> > now, we have internal filters.
> Emi,
> I don't want to put you down, but I don't think this makes sense. If
> Roundcube now implements client side filters this feature has to be
> supported 'til the end of days. And this means that they have to support
> a feature that does not work as expected, as it only filters on the
> client side....
> Instead of spending time on implementing something that does not make
> sense nor is scaleable with a large amount of messages you should focus on
>   -) Implementing the best filter UI ever
>   -) Storing filter rules implementation independent in the database
>   -) Writing scripts that transform the data into a filter language (i.e.
>      Sieve, Maildrop, Procmail...)
> That way the users can configure their scripts and the admin can setup a
>   cron to pick them up and store them in the appropriate format in the
> appropriate place on the server. And if ever a new filter language comes
> out you can easily adopt Roundcube to use that system.
> Please don't waste time on incomplete features!
> My 2 cents,
> Mike
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