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Wed Nov 14 09:50:00 CET 2007

	Hello, Emi. 

I completely agree with Michael, that there are a lot of
implementation questions that are not so easily solvable. You should
always take in mind that Roundcube is only a client and use filters
on all content only in it is not right way to do. All mails are
stored on the IMAP server and all filtering should be done there
also. Just imagine, not all users check there mails every day or
keeping mail client open all the time, it’s normal to have 100
unread messages, so filter should be run at least at the startup
causing peak loads on the server (web+imap) and how do you plan to
check existing mails for filtering ( was filters applied to this
message or no? ) I think that you are heading to the wrong direction.

I’m planning to implement my own filters but I will do it in a
bit different way. I would create independent table for storing
filter data and new preference page would be created for filter
management. That’s all that goes for web related stuff. Than
external script will be created (for ex. perl) which will fetch data
from the table and convert it to the according MDA (mail delivery
agent) format for the according mailbox. Such scheme is necessary
because not always (in real environment the percentage is about
70-80%) IMAP server with all mailboxes resides on the same file
system as Roundcube. In my case they reside on a different machines
and I’m unable to access directly mailboxes from the Roundcube.
So we have external script that will run for ex. from cron job to
generate MDA scripts for mail transferring from the filter table
data. All parsing will spread across the working time without any
peak loads. I suppose we could cooperate on this task and maybe
something usable come out of it. 

Everything that written above is my IMHO and shouldn’t be taken
personally, just FYI. 

Regards, Andris 

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> Hi there!! 
> I've made a filters function (in early version) for roundcube. I've

> done over the svn version of last week. The modifications uses a
> SQL table, filters, wich can be filled as done with identities.
Then it 
> filters messages using this filters, on rcmail_js_message_list and 
> rcmail_message_list. 
> I've seen some discussion on why not to do it, if doing internally
> with sieve or with .forward or so. Look, I've done this, then we
> update to permit select the filtering system from configuration.
> now, we have internal filters. 

> I think that this is a very earlier version and that can be much
> developed. But it runs ok! 

> Well, my problem is that I don't know so much on using svn. If some
> can tell me how can I 'upload' the work without disturbing

> Comments and discussions about this are welcome. 

> Thanks a lot!!! 

> emi 

-- Tavs bezmaksas pasts Inbox.lv 
Regards, Andris 

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