[RCD] Patch for recipient and subject missing - affects some imap servers.

Glen Ogilvie gogilvie at oss.co.nz
Thu Nov 22 04:10:15 CET 2007

Hi Thomas,

After much interesting debugging, I've found the problem and fixed it.

Here is a patch, and a copy of the file with the patch applied. (merged with 
svn today)

The problem I've fixed was in the imap library.  I am not sure if it's the 
imap server I have (Communigate Pro) not implementing imap correctly, or if 
the library that is wrong.

If the IMAP fetch specification says that the termination of a fetch command 
is ) at the beginning of a new line, then this is a work around for  imap 
servers that do not follow the spec. If however, the specification for IMAP 
is that ) is at the end of a line that does not contain a : in it, then this 
patch fixes the imap library.

I think this patch, being an addition of just 1 line and some comments is 
fairly trivial so should not risk breaking too much else.

I've written the comments as I suspect maybe other people will also be 
affected by this problem.

Glen Ogilvie

On Thu, 08 Nov 2007 10:54:13 pm you wrote:
> Glen Ogilvie wrote:
> > Hi,
> Hi Glen,
> > I've got a tricky roundcube problem.   It seems related specifically to
> > our communigate pro imap server.   When clicking on reply, none of the
> > header information that should be in a reply gets populated (subject,
> > original email date, recipient).
> This was already reported once but none of the devs was able to reporduce
> it. I hope we can get it fixed with your help now...
> > I've noticed that this always happens when the preview pane is turned on,
> > and only sometimes happens when the preview pane is off.
> Not sure if this has something to do with the preview pane.
> > I've been using roundcube elsewhere for quite some time with a courier
> > imap server, and don't have the same problems.
> We found out that it's related to a specific IMAP server and not a general
> problem.
> > I've looked at compose.inc, rcube_imap.inc and imap.inc, however, I am
> > struggling to find out the cause of this problem.
> compose.inc fetches the headers using $IMAP->get_headers($uid) which should
> work since this is used everywhere.
> When looking at the code I found out that compose.inc also calls
> $IMAP->get_structure($uid) which then again calls $IMAP->get_headers() but
> with the message ID and not the UID. This explains why you see two FETCH
> requests, one with UID FETCH 6095 and another with FETCH 927.
> However your IMAP server seems to accept the UID FETCH command and return
> the requested headers.
> > Any ideas of what to look for would be appricated.  I am a php developer,
> > so happy to hunt around in the code, just struggling to get my head
> > around what is supposed to happen.  Running rev 912 from svn.
> >
> > If I set $rcmail_config['enable_caching'] = FALSE;
> > Then this problem occurs all of the time.
> Hmm, this is strange...
> > I've done a tcpdump of the traffic between roundcube and the imap server.
> > Something that I don't quite understand is why the appears to be 2 imap
> > queries.
> >
> > [...]
> I've just committed (r913) some improvements to optimize the internal
> caching and to prevent unnecessary requests to the IMAP server. Not sure if
> this solves your problem but you should update your SVN checkout.
> To track it down you can dump some vars in rcube_imap::get_headers() and
> rcube_imap::get_structure() in order to find out where those headers get
> lost when replying to a message.
> Thanks so far!
> ~Thomas

Glen Ogilvie
Open Systems Specialists
Level 1, 162 Grafton Road

Ph:     +64 9 984 3000
Mobile: +64 21 684 146

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