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Joel Clermont joel at orionweb.net
Fri Sep 21 18:15:44 CEST 2007

I am cutting and pasting the reply I got from Microsoft today. They  
definitely acknowledge it as a bug, but they seem to be implying it  
is something that they may or may not fix. Please read over his reply  
and give me any direction you can on how to proceed. I already  
replied and told him that neither "workaround" he lists is valid for  
us. Based on previous discussions, it sounds like roundcube intends  
to maintain a real <a> tag pointing to a real URL.

Hi Joel,
The DIV case is really a different scenario.  It does not have any  
special meaning when Ctrl + Click so that should be consistent with  
what you see in IE6.  IE7 added a special case for Anchor tag  
handling when Ctrl + Click.  I am currently working on this issue  
with my escalation engineer, Shahinur.  You raise a valid point about  
the onclick event should be fired for Ctrl + Click regardless of  
which window the navigation happens in.  At this point this does look  
like a bug in IE7.  I don’t see any good workaround for this  
problem.  There are a few ideas that that you may have already knew  
or touched on at some point:

1)       Try avoid using the Anchor tag, you can use other elements  
like DIV (you already knew) or SPAN tag and still mimic the Anchor  
tag appearance.  Some thing like this:

<span style="text-decoration: underline; cursor:hand; color:blue"  
onclick="aFunction()" >
click this "link"

2)       It seems that if the Anchor tag does not have a valid href  
URL attribute.  If the href attribute is set to “” (empty string) or  
“#” or even non-existant then things are working as expected.  Below  
is an example of the href missing:

If these workarounds do not work for you, we can request a hotfix  
from the product team.  Keep in mind that there is always a chance  
that the hotfix request can be rejected.  If you diecide to pursue  
this route, I would need to have a Business Impact statement from you  
addressing the following questions.  Once I have the Business Impact  
Statement, I can file a formal hotfix request to the product team:

1.  Business Impact
                 - How does this bug affect your business
                 - Why are current workarounds, if any, unacceptable
2.  Financial Impact (include how it was calculated)
                 - What is the financial impact of the bug
                 - What is the financial impact of the best  
workaround, if any
3.  Problem's frequency and probability?
4.  Number of companies impacted
5.  Number of corporate  desktops and servers impacted
6.  Number of consumer desktops (ie. home users) impacted
7.  What IE platform is the hot fix needed?
       - IE 6.0 sp2 on XP SP2
       - IE 6.0 on Windows 2003 Server
       - IE 6.0 on Windows 2003 Server SP1
       - IE 7.0 on Vista
       - IE 7.0 on XP SP2
       - IE 7.0 on Windows 2003 Server SP1
9.  What type of hot fix package do you need?
                 QFE – This package takes about 1-2 months to release  
and has a strict  acceptance criteria.  It is only distributed to  
customers by contacting Microsoft Support referencing a KB article.   
It is also redistributable only within a corporation (but not to the  
corporation’s customers).  The fix is usually enabled by setting a  
specific registry key on the machine.
                 GDR – This package takes about 3-6 months to release  
and is subjected to more testing and an even higher acceptance  
criteria.  It is distributed to customers by downloading it from a  
public Microsoft link.  This package is normally not available if a  
QFE meets your needs.
8.  What languages (English, Chineses,...) are needed?

Joel Clermont
joel at orionweb.net

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