[RCD] control-click bug in IE7

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 09:35:03 CEST 2007

till wrote:
> On 9/22/07, Joel Clermont <joel at orionweb.net> wrote:
>>  I thought the point of making our subject line an <A> tag was not just for
>> the "appearance" of a link, but to provide a valid link for accessibility
>> reasons. Is my understanding correct? Or is there a different reason why the
>> <A> tag was chosen?
> No, you are probably correct. ;-) A <span> tag would not make it
> accessable when JavaScript is deactivated.

Well, RoundCube isn't actually designed to work without javascript. The
subject link was requested by some users and it provides the possibility to
right-click the subject and then choose "Open in new Tab/Window". In this
case (right-click), the regular click-event is not executed and everything
works fine (until IE7 came out).

Thanks again for tracking this down, I'll try out the onmouseup workaround.
And once more M$ confirmed that money always wins.

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