[RCD] Shared folders (Feature request #1403507)

B. Johannessen bob at db.org
Tue Sep 25 20:45:30 CEST 2007

Robin Elfrink wrote:
> 2. Do we support Other and Shared if there's no namespace extension on
> the server?
> 3. Or do we REQUIRE the namespace extension?

There's no technical reason to require NAMESPACE. Namespaces are 
server-wide, and can be configured along with other server properties in 
the configuration file.

Ignoring NAMESPACE and configuring this in the configuration file has 
other advantages as well:

- You get to limit what namespaces are available in RC.

- You get to give the namespaces "human" names. Depending on how the 
user interface will allow navigation of shared folders, this will be a 
huge advantage. Examples of namespaces are "#shared", "~" and "news"; 
not really strings that belong in a user interface. The configuration 
could allow these to be named, for example, "Public Folders", "Shared 
Folders" and "News Groups".

> 3. Do any servers still exist that do not do RFC2342?

Probably, but they probably do not support any sort of shared folders.

> 5. If private namespace is called 'INBOX', is that always used as the
> INBOX folder, or do setups exist that use 'INBOX{delimiter}INBOX'?

The literal string "INBOX" is defined by the IMAP specification to 
always refer to the authenticated users inbox. So a folder named 
INBOX{delimiter}INBOX would be a sub-folder of INBOX confusingly named 

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