[RCD] Change Password plugin or patch?

Octavio Rossell octavio at unplug.org.ve
Mon Aug 18 22:09:54 CEST 2008

Hello there.

I am new in this list and my english is almost enough to comunicate.

Recently I donloaded the 0.2-alpha version of RC. In the older version
with this guide:


A little (very little) of Frenh knowledge and a lot of patience in PHP
coding I barely configure the Change-Password feature in 0.1 version.

Now, finding where this code is in the new version (line numbers and
syntax changes make it more difficult) I put again the modifications
into this version.

But, there is no preferences redirect to the passwd script, leading me
to User Preferences default page, not to ?_task=settings&_action=passwd
where it has to go to. I suspect it is in the JS code, but my knoledge
is not so complete.

I am using a MySQL database and the passwd.inc script included in the
URL is properly set. The thing that is not working is the redirect to
the script itself in preferences box, but JS is not one of my prefered

I am interesed on help in development of RC, maybe helping on make a
good password-change plugin or section. I have a pair of ideas of how to
make it, taking care of SQL/LDAP/PAM possibilities. I know of PHP (not
OOP but I consider myself a good procedural coder) and I have my skils
on GNU/linux system administration (at least postfix related things)

Any clue?

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