[RCD] reply to all - including myself?

Ondrej Zara ondras at zarovi.cz
Tue Dec 16 17:43:43 CET 2008


>> I would like to discuss one feature, which I consider a bug. When doing a
>> "reply to all" operation, I get included on the recipient list. In my
>> opinion, this is not correct behavior: mail should be send to everyone
>> _except_ the person who sends it.
> This is actually the case. In program/steps/mail/compose.inc on line 191
> recipients that do match one of the user's identities are skipped.
> Maybe you can debug this because it works for me.

I found the following code near line 191:

  // add recipent of original message if reply to all
     else if ($header=='cc' && !empty($MESSAGE->reply_all))
       if ($v = $MESSAGE->headers->to)
         $fvalue .= $v;

       if ($v = $MESSAGE->headers->cc)
         $fvalue .= (!empty($fvalue) ? ', ' : '') . $v;

First, the assignments in conditions are somewhat mystical to me (why?). 
Second, this clearly adds original recipient to a 'cc' part of new 
message. So, should I patch this only for myself or is this a newly 
found bug?

Ondrej Zara

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