[RCD] Patch to fix incorrect name after download attachment with Chinese characters.

Dennis P. Nikolaenko dennis at nikolaenko.ru
Wed Dec 17 17:38:31 CET 2008

Zhang Huangbin wrote:
> Hi, all.
> I use RC 0.1.1-stable, but the filename after download attachment with
> Chinese characters is incorrect, so i created this patch to fix this
> issue. (I submitted another patch to fix incorrect attachment filename
> display before, and was fixed in svn version in another way.)
> Note: I havn't test this issue in RC svn version, but i will do it
> later.

In my previous tests, IE 7 worked without abbreviate_string() just fine. 
If abbreviate_string() is used, long filenames become truncated in the 
Is it possible to not use  abbreviate_string()  for IE 7? I do not known 
if IE 6 works without using abbreviate_string().

Where does 55 char limit goes from? I have found some obscure ticket in 
the trac, but could not grasp the explanation for that change. Google 
did not help with magic  number of 55, either.
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