[RCD] Ticket #1484558 - Patch to allow a user to change passwords

J. Javier Maestro roundcube-devel at nosys.es
Tue Jan 8 04:12:28 CET 2008


<rant mode on>

I have just registered in the forums and I just found out that there are
***many*** (as in jesus-christ-sooo-many), almost exact solutions to this
problem, under the "plugins" forum.

I think my solution is cleaner than a few that I have seen because it
delegates the password changing by RPC.

In any case... I don't understand why there is sooooo much un-ordered stuff
in the forums and why people don't spend the time to actually go to TRAC and
open-close-comment, etc, on the tickets, and submit patches, clean and
ordered patches, so that people can benefit faster from their work.

Perhaps a sticky post reminding people to actually do that might work :-?

</rant mode off>

There, I said it out loud... 8)


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