[RCD] Filters: Very new UI

J. Javier Maestro roundcube-devel at nosys.es
Thu Jan 10 18:47:00 CET 2008

On Jan Thu 10 2008 18:19, emi delg wrote:
> Hi Javier!!
> The simpler filters UI is testable at https://mail.cio.cat with same user
> and passwd.

Cool, I'll have a look at it as soon as I have some free time.

> May be we can add both UIs and let the user/admin decide whether to use one
> or the other.

I think the best model would be something like:
	- Let the basic, text-based UI form be the default
	- This should use the usual .inc functions in program/steps, broken
	  in (duh!) simple steps such as save_filter.inc,
	  translate_filter.inc, etc.
	- Finally, the graphic UI should construct the same textual info from
	  the text-UI but using the graphic UI, and then pass it to the same
	  step .inc files from the textual UI.
	- The .inc in steps/ should be doing the translation in PHP... doing
	  it in a bash script is OK, but I think integrating it into PHP
	  would be better). Then, they should send this maildrop, procmail,
	  whatever filter to a central server through RPC, to incorporate it
	  in the user mail-flow, etc.

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