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Pim Vullers pim at vullersmail.nl
Fri Jan 11 20:23:11 CET 2008

I really like the idea of filters in Roundcube. I love them in Thunderbird.

But what about 'native' filter support for RC? For example make it possible to
choose the server filtering mechanism, but also make it possible that RC itself
filters the messages. As for example I use RC for mailaccess to my IMAP account
at my hosting provider. However I do not control the server such that I don't
have access to the server configuration and so on, which means that my client
applications will have to do the filtering.

Have there been any thoughts about things like this?

Kind regards,

chris# wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Jan 2008 19:19:42 +0100, "emi delg" <emidaruma at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Javier and Chris!!
>> Javier:
>> 1.- Sorry, the translator script is a shell script written in PHP (to take
>> the db info and rest). It's easy to make a UI (frontend) for this.
>> 2.- What is RPC?
> Remote Procedure Call
> Often used in an XMLRPC form as well.
>> 3.- That's a good idea to make them compatible, but structured filtering
>> is
>> not just ordered filtering. I mean: we should work on improving the old UI
>> to be able to create what the new one can: reply, forward, delete, copy
>> and
>> if/else. Copy and if/else are the most complicated features to develop on
>> the text UI, because these have 2 possibilities after them.
>> Chris:
>> 1.- RoundCube have to know which is the end filtering system because
>> probably not all of them have all the features (actual and future), so you
>> (as mail admin) will need to block some of the features. For sure this is
>> a
>> config issue.
> I can see easily where RC could parse and ini file to obtain the /current/ feature
> set for all supported filters. That would make very easy to to produce a form
> with checkboxes to enable/disable grouped and or individual options/features.
> The rest, of course would be up to the admin - providing user-based, or global
> options.
>> ¿Are we able to make an admin entrance to enable RC administration via
>> web?
> Yes, quite easily.
> if !isset admin, read-most
>    else
> readall
>> It would be great!!
> Indeed.
>> 2.- Every mail system has it's own and very different working method. You
>> can have, for example, a DB based users auth or just a Linux users auth,
>> IMAP on a server and RC on another one and LDAP auth on a third one, etc
>> You
>> can configure each of the filtering system nearly as you want, so it's
>> difficult for RC to do all the work. What I mean is that mail
>> configuration
>> is nearly chaotic to improve all the possibilities. Due to this issue, we
>> can think on an intermediate solution, which, for example, lets the admin
>> to
>> create the scripts that will be executed by RC automatically to save the
>> filters on the right way.
> See my comment above.
>> 2008/1/10, J. Javier Maestro <roundcube-devel at nosys.es>:
>>> On Jan Thu 10 2008 18:19, emi delg wrote:
>>>> Hi Javier!!
>>>> The simpler filters UI is testable at https://mail.cio.cat with same
>>> user
>>>> and passwd.
>>> Cool, I'll have a look at it as soon as I have some free time.
>>>> May be we can add both UIs and let the user/admin decide whether to
>> use
>>> one
>>>> or the other.
>>> I think the best model would be something like:
>>>         - Let the basic, text-based UI form be the default
>>>         - This should use the usual .inc functions in program/steps,
>>> broken
>>>           in (duh!) simple steps such as save_filter.inc,
>>>           translate_filter.inc, etc.
>>>         - Finally, the graphic UI should construct the same textual info
>>> from
>>>           the text-UI but using the graphic UI, and then pass it to the
>>> same
>>>           step .inc files from the textual UI.
>>>         - The .inc in steps/ should be doing the translation in PHP...
>>> doing
>>>           it in a bash script is OK, but I think integrating it into PHP
>>>           would be better). Then, they should send this maildrop,
>>> procmail,
>>>           whatever filter to a central server through RPC, to
>> incorporate
>>> it
>>>           in the user mail-flow, etc.
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